Newcomers & Neighbors of Teays Valley WV

"Bloom Where You Are Planted"


Some of our programs are active all year and others are active September through May.


MONTHLY LUNCHEON    We meet on the 2nd Thursday  (September - May) for a 10: 00 AM social time, interesting program and lunch.   Reservations are required by 4:00 PM the Monday before the meeting.  


ARTFUL CREATIONS Meets on an impromptu basis to try Adult Coloring, or Cut and Paste or crafts or whatever our artful hearts desire.



BOOKS, Etc.  Meets the 1st Friday at 10:30 AM at the Putnam County Library

We meet to review movies and videos we have seen and to evaluate and exchange books we have read.No meeting in December or July due to the Holidays.





BOWLING Meets twice a month on either Monday or Thursday at 10:00 AM






 Members meet once a month for food and conversation around 10:30 AM at various restaurants.  _____________________________________________________________________________

BUNCO (Daytime) Meets the Friday after our Luncheon  at 10:00 AM. 

BUNCO (Evening)  Meets the 3rd  Monday at 6:30 PM.



EUCHRE  Meets monthly on 1st Monday at 10:00 A.M. 







Fun Day Meets the 3rd Wednesday at 10:00 AM to simply enjoy each other's company and play a rousing game of the groups choice.




Meets the 3rd Friday at 10:00 AM at the Putnam County Library for lively discussions                       of the current book selected by members. 




See "chick flics" on Tuesdays as scheduled.



___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   SECRET SISTERS (Not So Secret)                       This group is organizeeach year in September. This year everyone will know their Secret Sister. They send cards and gifts for their Sister during the year.They have outings, lunches, and other activities as a group.  



   This group chooses where they want to walk, when they want to walk alone or together. Steps are measured with a device (Fitbit, Pedometer etc.), a time period (15/30 minutes etc.) or distance (around the block/the neighborhood etc.) They meet as weather permits to walk together at Valley Park or the City Park.If the weather does not permit they walk at a local church gym together.They meet as a group on the 1st Wednesday at 1:00 PM to discuss the previous month and celebrate their progress.